So, the big thing just happened. You got engaged! Congratulations!

We’re sure you feel like the happiest person in the World.
You’ve now got one full year to plan your wedding.

Feeling stressed already? Well, don’t. We are here to help you!
Continue reading for the great wedding tips!

The moment you get engaged the wedding planning officially begins.
Although it seems like you have all the time in the World, you must realize something – time flies!

There are many things you must think of!
Choosing the right dress, making a guest list, select perfect flowers and music. The list just goes on and on. Here are all the important steps you have to take in order to get all things done.
Wedding tip #1: Announce your engagement

If you don’t have an attention to keep your engagement a secret, you should tell your friends and family the happy news. Now you can enjoy your planning time even more.

Share your happiness with people you love. Also, you can have an engagement party if you like.We think it’s a perfect excuse for a party, don’t you?

Wedding tip #2: Discuss ideas and set your budget

Have a much needed relaxed talk with your better half. Talk about wedding ideas, about possibilities for your wedding, about your wishes.
Would you like formal wedding or casual?
Day or evening?

You should also set your budget in early state of planning a wedding. It’s important to know your boundaries. After this step, you should have rough idea about what kind of wedding you want.

Wedding tip #3: Choose the date and place

Choose the right date.
In this step you must decide if you want summer wedding or winter fairy tale, spring or autumn.

“Wedding Dress” Source: Flickr

You should consider the weather conditions in your country.
It’s important you choose a date early on.

When you two agree on a right date, you can choose a perfect place to get married.
That includes choosing a church or other place for the wedding and venue for the reception.

If you are having wedding in a church, you should also select your religious officiant.

Wedding tip #4: Find the right wedding dress
Here it is! The most important thing for the bride. Finding the right wedding dress. Sometimes it takes a long time to find the one you like, so you should start searching early on.
Visit few stores and make sure you pick the perfect one.

You should not forget about your fiancé also. Classic tuxedo or some other groom’s attire. It’s up to him.

Wedding tip #5: Select flowers & wedding cake

Besides the wedding dress, flowers are the star of the wedding. You can choose from rare, exotic flowers to classic roses. The possibilities are endless.
If you don’t wanna make a decision on your own, you should talk to your florist. He or she may have some brilliant idea about your wedding decorations.

Third most important thing – wedding cake! Choose the flavor and shape that you two love the most. You can pick romantic white cake or some extravagant purple/red one.
Select one that represent you as a couple the most.

“Wedding Cake” Source: Flickr

Wedding tip #6: Send invitations

You should let people know when and where you’re getting married. That’s why you have to have wedding invitations prepared few months before the actual wedding. There are many invitation types out there, you just have to choose the one you like the most. You can order them online, purchase them at local wedding store or if you are very handy, make them by yourself!

Wedding tip #7: Perfect wedding essentials: Food, Music, Photographer

When it comes to planning a wedding, you must realize one thing – there is no good wedding without good food.
You should arrange tastings with few caterers and then choose the best one. You can also have food theme, like Thai food or Mexican food.
Next to food, music is pretty important too.
Choose a band that plays music you and your guests will like. If there is no good music, your guests won’t dance and your wedding party will soon be over.
To remember this day forever, we suggests you hire a professional photographer.
The one that can make your wedding day lasts forever. With perfect pictures of course.

Wedding tip #8: Write your wedding vows

“Wedding table” Source: Flickr

Your day is going to be even more special if you’ll write your own vows.
It’s nothing more meaningful than express your feelings towards your soulmate with your own words.
You should take time and really think about all the things you love about each other.
For one day you may look back and realize it’s the little things that make everything perfect.

Not perfect dress and perfect flowers. But those few words you said to each other.



Wedding tip #9: Enjoy your wedding!

We have the most important tip for you.

Don’t forget to enjoy your wedding day.

People who got married say there is always something going to go wrong that day.
But hey! All those imperfections make your day even more special and perfect.

Most of all – it’s going to be amazing beginning of your life as husband and wife.

“Just Married” Source: Flickr