Grooms Attire Types: Selecting the Most Decent Wedding Suit

The most memorable moment when the marrying couple becomes husband and wife joins them together emotionally and psychologically. To give this union a visual expression, complimenting each others attire is perhaps indispensable. It is know that wearing special attire on the wedding day adds to both fun and compliments. However, what might be least recognize is the fact that it also adds to the feeling of unity.

formal grooms attire
formal grooms attire

When it comes to choosing the attire for the groom, it has to be the most matching one with that of the bride’s dress. However, choosing one such attire should not be stressful. For that, the groom needs to look for something that is comfortable, stylish, and fitting with the overall wedding theme. For example, for an outdoor wedding, a more casual wear for the groom is ideal, while a tuxedo or tie suit is ideal for as a formal wear at a venue such as chapel or hotel. However, choosing any of these attires is largely dependent on the bridal wear.

Many men believe that wearing something costly is the best trick but this is not always mandatory. It is more vital to consider your body type and a perfect fit, even if it can be acquired through somewhat tailoring. Suits and tuxedos are ideal for tall men, while a double-breasted suit is the smart choice of a lean guy.

Here are all popular grooms’ attire types to consider.

The Formal Options

These options are:

  • the morning suit
  • tuxedo
  • white tie and tails

The morning suit is the traditional piece with striped trousers, waistcoat, and tailcoat. It is a posh option to be considered only for early afternoon or noon ceremonies.

The Tuxedo is a classical choice for evening with black tie, bow tie, and satin-striped trousers. However, do not choose it with cummerbund, as it is not in trend. The suit with white tie and tails is a substitute of morning suit for evening wear. It is an elegant option for formal wedding in evening.

The Casual Optionsrustic country wedding grooms attire

A more informal wear is popular due to more variety, tighter budgets, and rising interest in fashion. This also means that the preference for groom’s wedding attire has changed significantly.

The formal look is now overtaken by a more laid back appearance.
Some of these options are:

  • casual suit
  • modern suit
  • waistcoat and bow tie (only for summer)
  • slender 3-piece suit

A casual suit or a jacket is usually a cotton or linen suit giving a very cozy and casual look during the summer. In winter, trousers and wool jacket has become the choice with bow tie for a cool look.

The modern suit is a simple slim-fit 2-piece option suit usually worn with a cool colorful tie. On the other hand, a slender 3-piece suit is an elegant and fun alternative for anyone who wishes to have a trace of formality with a cool fresh and modern look. This suit can be accessorized with tie and cuff links and tie, along with a pocket watch adding a vintage touch. Because the cut is to be done well, your choice has to be as per your body shape.


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