Just like a grand welcome, your exit with the groom after wedding can also be sparkling with wedding sparklers. Nothing can be as affordable and radiant as these sparklers for transforming the most precious event of your life into a picture perfect memory. Their presence amidst the exciting atmosphere tends to bring an easy cue of whimsies into the precious gala.

Wedding Sparklers

When your guests form two lines holding sparklers up, they look like lightening up your walkway. This Wedding Sparklesis actually a very good opportunity to say bye to each one present at the occasion, while going through a dazzling exit to give unforgiving memories to all your guests.
However, it is not that easy to use or include sparklers, as they demand just like organizing and planning a wedding event. It needs proper organization just like any other wedding element.

Here are top 5 don’ts or mistakes that you avoid making with wedding sparklers for ensuring full radiance and flawless photographs.

Too Many Wedding Sparklers but Fewer Matches

Usually, most couples consider buying one sparkler per guest. Well in reality, this always ends up being too many. This is because not all of them will be present at your send-off time. While a few are eating, some are taking photos and some are just preoccupied.
A few guests might not take up sparklers due to small kids with them. Therefore, it is best to buy only 75-80% of sparklers and that too in bulk for major cost savings. Similarly, avoid purchasing too few matches, as that can force to run around for looking for a flame source.

Wedding SparklesIgnoring the Rules

Your chosen venue has usage rules, which most of us do not check. Despite being an outdoor space, rules may disallow to use sparklers. There might be fire bans. Therefore, do not ignore the rules but rather read it. Get to know about the fire codes if any or permit required for using the sparklers. You also need to consider the season. Do you know that it is illegal to even buy sparklers in some areas?

An Improper Venue and Close Standees

Never choose an indoor walkway for lighting up the sparklers, as that can breach safety. It is solely an outdoor action. For some reason if the event is held indoors, the sparklers should be handled outside. Further, the ground on which the guests shall hold lighting wedding sparklers should be leveled, and not uneven.
Similarly, there should be enough space between two guests handling the sparklers as well as between the guest and the bridal couple. Avoid a standard sidewalk, as it does not have sufficient space. This is because wedding sparklers emit sparks that can burn or trigger swift fire on a material.

Not Informing to All Guests

It is important to announce all activities along with their timings to all the guests. Doing so allows guests to schedule accordingly so as to participate in each activity and have fun. Consider putting the timed schedule on a whiteboard at the entry gate or you can request your DJ to declare for a few times.

Set the wedding on fire!

Title says it all.

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