It is undeniable that fall is one of the most trendy times to arrange for wedding. Well, one of the big reasons is the rich colors that this season is famous for!

These colors are unusual and yet bright and fabulous. Each year, new fashion styles tend to govern the planning for wedding for introducing the required accents along with new colors.

Besides these top colors, please also check other trendy color themes for fall 2017 on our blog.

Fall Wedding Colors 2017

So, each new trend or season has its own mood of color. Colors for this year certainly will be unique, especially when it comes to a blend of colors with shades.

Well, choosing the most suitable color is a vital decision, as it is a critical detail to be added to the nuptial planning process.

Once the color is finalized, it becomes easy to choose other decorative stuff. With the selected colors or shades, it becomes easy to choose chairs, table cloths, flowers, ribbons, laces, and napkins.

Here are top 4 fall wedding colors to consider:red-shades-wedding-colors

  • Red Shades
  • Royal Blue
  • Mauve
  • Sage Green

Red Shades

The cranberry red is for those who love a vibrant, deep, and gorgeous look for any kind of autumn wedding setup.

Its depth of hue is capable of adding a cool pop to any wedding aspect, such as dresses, decor, and flowers. A perfect palette for fall is to mix it with jewel tones or basic neutrals.

You can even go for Aurora Red, which is actually the Christmas color. However, having it with white and black decorations takes away the bad rap that the red color gets for being too strong.

Royal Blueroyal-blue-wedding-color

This is one of the most superb shades, which tends to fit on all types of skin and body. This is perhaps what makes this shade most popular for fall nuptials.

Yes, it is flexible and versatile color to match with any other shade or color for adding a rich look and feel to the ambiance. You can have it as a single decoration or covering a full table.

As an idea, consider pairing it with a vivid jewel tone with coral for a superb complementary palette. You can even have it for bridesmaid dresses to have an ideal backdrop for any garland in white, purple, and bright pink shades.


This is a subdued shade of light purple with somewhat hue of grey but looks cool for a fall wedding theme. Although it is not much a pastel in look, this pale shade is ideal for brides loving lighter shades without fully abandoning the autumn season. Just include this color with other subdued and neutral shades such as white, brown, and grey to add a pretty shine to a fall wedding.

Did you know that this dull looking color is actually a romantic color adding elegance to all wedding aspects, right from wedding cake to table settings?

Sage Greensage-green-wedding-colors

This color is actually a year-round one but it gives more shine to a fall wedding palette. This earthy greyish green when used with other muted pastels like pink and mauve or with brighter shades of purple, blue, and green does not lag in giving an elegant and simple look. This sophisticated shade is more preferred for flats or heels underneath the dress.

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