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Planning for a wedding invitation is a fun-filled and creative part of the whole conjugal process. It is intimate but fun and instructive way to inform the guests about your most precious day. However, just as other essential marriage arrangements, wedding cards are many times associated with a high price tag. Thus, an ideal way to have a fully customized and special invitation is Do It Yourself (DIY). Making DIY wedding invitations is quite easy and fun, provided you know what is to be done and how.

DIY Wedding InvitationsDIY Wedding invitations

To aid you in this latter part, here are top 6 tips to consider:

  • Start Designing Early
  • Trail the Wedding Theme or Style
  • Consider Layering
  • Avoid Ignoring Some Really Effective Decorations
  • Consider a Die-Cut Color
  • Test with Your Words

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Start Designing Early

For any creative task, time is undoubtedly critical. Determine how much time you have but always start early, if you are planning to incorporate some complex design with different embellishments. For this, the time should be above four months. Or else, you need to choose something easy. Conventionally, wedding invitations are sent almost two months prior to wedding and three months before destination wedding.

Trail the Wedding Theme or Style

Regardless of whether you select a simple or complex design, ensure that the overall impression makes the reader recall your wedding later. Thus, consider using the same decors, motifs, and colors to make the cards look just as the venue ambiance. While white is ideal for romantic weddings, black is ideal for pastoral feel.
Therefore, you will have to first plan how your wedding ceremony will be! Get the general feel in terms of theme and colors at venue. After all, the card is going to give the guest a glimpse of what your wedding will be like. In simple words, the invitations should stand for the couple’s vision for that special day.

Consider Layering

DIY wedding invitations look really pretty with stack of layers. Having a patterned paper upon which a layer of card in a complementary solid color is a great idea for ensuring a unique look. However, just ensure that you measure and cut your layers accordingly, to leave sufficient as well as consistent space between.

DIY Wedding invitationsAvoid Ignoring Some Really Effective Decorations

Well, these decorations are fabric, laces, ribbons, beads, stamps, buttons, and punches. While fabric makes up for some striking ruffles, ribbons and laces add to elegance. Punches add to beautiful edges, while buttons and beads add up a unique feel. Stamps have always been an economical way to adorn the invitation. This does not mean that need to have them all, but just do not skip the list completely.

Consider a Die-Cut ColorDIY Wedding invitations

A die-cut allows adding a color in an easy way. You will find several die-cut choices at your local craft stores. Just print the textual layer and back it with the color pop. You can even choose a bold color for fun purpose.

Test with Your Words

Well, wording has to be very clear so that the guests know about when and where your event is occurring. Thus, keep the font and its size legible, do a spell check, spell out all words to avoid confusion, and use words that reflect the couple’s style.

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