Do It Yourself (DIY) approach is becoming quite popular even for weddings. This is perhaps because of the trend to look for affordable and yet creative ways to plan for weddings. The approach is more followed for a variety of nuptial decorations. While the DIY wedding decorations are affordable, they can be stressful if done in an unplanned manner. Stressful DIY decoration planning can result in dissatisfactory tales such as delayed activities, insufficient food, or lack of facilities.

DIY Wedding DecorationsDIY wedding decorations

However, such tales can be avoided with proper planning. If avoided, DIY wedding decorations are certainly awesome centerpieces. Such customized additions tend to add distinct style without a high price tag to any ceremony, regardless of whether it is to celebrate lavishly or rustically. Not only these adornments anchor well but also grab a huge amount of attention. Well, the challenge is to have them plan well and select them with relevancy.

Here are some cool tips for the same:

  • Consider Wedding Theme and Guests
  • Have an Assortment of Designs or Options
  • Take What is Abundant Locally
  • Give Importance to Consistency
  • Ensure Sturdiness
  • Have Least Fragrance
  • Be Creative

Consider Wedding Theme and Guests

The decorations that you select should be as per the wedding theme, venue, and number of guests. For example, if there are 500 guests in an outdoor remote area, all decorations you choose should be sufficient, portable, and yet sturdy enough to resist themselves against wavering temperatures (day and night).

DIY wedding decorationsHave an Assortment of Designs or Options

Avoid having a single centerpiece style for a specific section such as a table or couple walkway. It is more stunning to have two or more designs in those sections for rendering an illustrative dynamic yet consistent look. Such arrangement also delivers a diversely textural feel across the venue. Even for flowers, prefer choosing an assortment rather than a single type. Doing so not only creates a vibrant ambiance but also helps the visual appeal to survive well in case of an unfavorable change in weather just to leave you bloomless.

Take What is Abundant Locally

Select embellishments that are available locally, for example, local flowers. Doing so ensures you good availability, maximum affordability, and optimum freshness. Such a tip is truly sustainable approach.

Give Importance to Consistency

Consistency means to have one feel with diverse options. For example, if you choose a rustic feel, it should feel the same with different decorations in different corners of the venue. In short, your embellishments should match with the theme. Oranges and watermelons will not be a good winter theme on a snowy venue.

Ensure Sturdiness

Decorations should not be feeble. A rush of guests should not affect them in any way. They should be strong enough to resist it while giving an alluring appeal.

Have Least FragranceDIY wedding decorations

Too much scent or fragrance is not the key to allure, as many couples think. Imagine what can be the feel when too many fragrant decorations are used. They simply create an extravagantly uninvited feel.

Be Creative

This is the key to the most customized and yet dazzling feel. Try to be creative in decorating invitation cards, chairs, tables, aisle, walkway, and the couple car. A variety of ideas such as replacing artificial flowers with well crafted fruits, table clothes with a pattern of fabric with laces, and having a set of vibrant ribbons as chair back exist to enchant both the couple and guests.

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