Wedding cakes, no matter what type, are all the same in terms of the significance they play in a couple’s most important day. However, there are specific features that differentiate them from each wedding cake types.

Take for instance the traditional wedding cake.

Traditional Wedding CakeTraditional white wedding cake

Traditional wedding cakes are popularly in white, from the icing to the decoration — hence the term “white classic.” This type is considered as the safest choice that is loved by almost everyone. It is simple, and with brilliant decorating efforts, the wedding cake will definitely have more character.
But this type also covers a lot aside from the classic white. It includes the traditional stack cake and traditional chocolate wedding cake. The former is just like a tiered cake, and is often filled with columns and flowers for enhanced height and better visual impact.
More than the classic, elegant look, however, there are more ways to add character in wedding cakes. A great example would be in the cake’s flavor, which is the next type. Here, the most popular flavor used or requested by couples range from chocolate and strawberry to vanilla. Depending on the couple’s preferences, they could request different-flavored filling between each layer of their cake.

Individual Wedding CakeIndividual Cake

Then there are the individual cakes also known as wedding cupcakes. Among the known wedding cake types, smaller cakes are the least expensive ones. Also, they come in a variety of flavors, unlike the traditional type. Being the least expensive type, couples have the option to order wedding cupcakes in different flavors to give their guests more choices.

Couples who prefer a large amount of cream in their cakes should go for the frosted wedding cake type. Here, the frosting can be done by combining it with swirls, chips, or drizzles, or achieving a classic smooth surface.

Groom’s CakeGrooms wedding cake

Another type of wedding cake is the Groom’s cake that comes along with the Bride’s cake. Traditionally, there is only one cake presented at weddings, but there are other traditions that involve presenting two cakes for the occasion. Such tradition started in England and was later on adopted by the Americans with the thought that the classic white cake was too light-colored for masculinity. At present, the Groom’s cake is commonly made with chocolate and is shaped or decorated in a manner that is significant to the groom.

Naked wedding cakeNaked Cake

For the last type, there’s the naked cake, which is named so because it is not covered in frosting or sugar paste. Instead, it uses fruits and flowers for the decorations, making it a good option for couples looking for a unique wedding cake.





So let us summarize the types:

  • Traditional Wedding Cake (white classic)
  • Individual Cake (cupcakes)
  • Groom’s Cake (2 cakes)
  • Naked Cake (unique)