wedding videography lightning composition

Wedding videography is not about filming a Hollywood movie!

Weddings are live events with real people doing real things and a wedding videographer should look to document the day creatively but at the same time with discretion.

Most people, especially during wedding preparations, don’t like being filmed and adding more equipment into the mix will only make them feel more uncomfortable.

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Using the natural light available in both a creative and dynamic way is of one the most cinematic things that can be achieved if done correctly.
Many videographers fall into the trap of filming too photographically, insisting that faces and details need to be seen in full and exposed brightly.


For wedding filmmakers, a scene can be created using three or four clips. None of the clips individually need to clearly show what the subject is;
it’s the combination of the clips that tells the story.


Good composition is important but just so often gets overlooked. To achieve a cinematic feel to the videos, the videographer may want to try and work with the rule of thirds. Because he’s working in a live environment, he needs to compose his shots without really giving it a second thought.
It almost needs to be an unconscious decision on how he fills the frame.


By minimizing his equipment, especially the lenses, he will learn to know exactly what is there to see even before he has even lifted up his camera.

wedding videography lightning composition post

When a videographer strips back his equipment when filming a wedding, he tends to be a bit more creative. Having less equipment gives him the time to think about real cinematic techniques such as light and composition.

Equipment such as drones, sliders, steady cams, and even tripods to some extent, not only slows a videographer down but can also draw attention to himself.