Behold black! The color of royalty, dominion and power and how about adding this royalty to your wedding day by adorning black wedding rings!

Well, let’s start from the beginning – wedding rings are a great way of making a wedding occasion unforgettable. As a matter of fact, they may be the only timeless memento of this auspicious occasion and as such, great care should go into choosing them. When it comes to color options, black appears to conquer the world and in this article, we shall inform you on what you need to take care of before choosing a black wedding ring for your wedding occasion.

The Trends

Dome Black Wedding Ring
Dome Black Wedding Ring

When it comes to black wedding rings, there appears to be a gradual shift from the traditional smooth edges wedding rings into more elegant designs. The dome-shaped band is one common trend emerging and it has its significance. This design appears to signify inclusion and is used to solidify the sense of unity that overrides the theme of any wedding. Coupled with the elegance, it might just be one of the trends to stay as far as these wedding rings are concerned.

There is also the beveled-edge band, an emerging style that combines hostility with class. The edges are not only food for the eyes, but offer great protection to the finger as they prevent incidences of slip.

Another common trend seen in black wedding rings is the cable band. The cable could be made of any material and it is often looped around the ring in a careful manner so it may add to the overall appeal. One good thing about having black rings with cable bands is you won’t have to worry so much about the color of the cable as black will accommodate just any color.

Don’t worry about quality!

Cable Black Wedding Ring
Cable Black Wedding Ring

After having settled with the color, another thing you need to understand about black wedding rings is the quality of the mineral they are made of. In this regard, there are two major types of minerals to look out for namely diamond and titanium.

These minerals are essentially known for their toughness and will ensure this piece of item stays on your finger as long as possible without falling victim to scratches and abrasions. The quality of these minerals will vary depending on how polished they are as well as whether or not they are alloyed with other minerals.

However, diamond and titanium are not only known for their hardness but are also a symbol of royalty in their own right, which makes them an ideal choice for a black wedding ring. They are known to add a formal ambience to a wedding occasion and regardless of what your other preferences may be, these rings will truly make you stand out like the hero you are.

Black Wedding Ring – Conclusion

Beveled black wedding ring
Beveled black wedding ring

And now comes the hardest part of choosing these rings – the pricing. Let me just give you an inkling of what to expect because price is always a relative term. As we have seen, they resemble royalty and coupled with the fact that your best fit would be those made from some of the most valuable minerals, you can bet the prices of black wedding rings will be quite high.

It is almost impossible to give a rough estimate as the prices are determined by the quality of the material, the design of the ring and the extent to which the ring is polished.

Yes, I bet you didn’t know this but black may also have shades with some lighter and others darker than others. As regards price, my advice would be; have between $300 and $500 for some quality black wedding ring that will befit the spirit of the occasion.

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