A rite of passage of sorts and the center piece at every wedding is always the wedding cake. This cynosure should be a reflection of taste and style of the man and wife. Wedding cakes vary in type, design, taste, appearance, combinations and size.

With variance in the cake comes a difference in the cost.

The cost will mostly be determined by the design and ingredients that the couple may want in their cake. An average wedding cake, that serves about 150-170 people, can cost anywhere between $440 to about $631. But this, however, is not the final price. The price can be way higher depending on how ornate you would like your wedding cake to be.
There is a general rule used by bakers that helps in pricing. Wedding Cakes are usually charged by the slice and this helps potential buyers estimate their budget while cake shopping. The more the slices the more a wedding cake will cost.

Material costWedding Cake Prices Material

A slice can range from $1.50 all the way to $12 for every slice. The more work your bespoke cake needs, the more it will probably cost. More Work can be as a result of more details on the cake and overall craftsmanship and man power. A butter cream cake is less expensive, in most cases, than the fondant icing wedding cake.

Cost of the materials used factors greatly into the general cost of the cake too. A fondant icing cake, for example, is among the most highly priced decorations one can have on a wedding cake. Fondant decorations, convectional fondant, are not as expensive as elaborate fondant decorations for example ribbons and flowers which are typically more costly. Other things that might significantly increase the cost of a wedding cake are vibrant colors, molded shapes and sugar flower detailing made by hand.

Low EndWedding Cake Prices Low End

A low end cost cake would usually consist of one layer and cost about $1.50 per slice. This smaller tiered cake would either be vanilla or chocolate flavored. It would also be accompanied by a sheet cake for the cutting. This is the best type of cake for people on a budget.

Mid Range

A mid range costing cake, 3 tiers or 2 tiers, would be anything from $5 to about $6 for one slice. It would consist of standard flavors; lemon poppy seed, vanilla, carrot or chocolate. This type of cake would be a bit more decorated and beautiful to look at. The icing on this kind of cake would usually be butter cream and presentation would be superb courtesy of the few fondant embellishments.

Wedding Cake Prices High EndHigh End

A high end cost cake is what you would expect at a posh wedding, the kind of wedding where no expense is spared. This kind of wedding cake would cost $10 at a minimum and up to $12 or more for a slice. The decorations are exceptional and multiple tiers are expected. This type of wedding cake has an abundance of features like gum paste, sugar decorations, fondant icing, elaborate fondant and flavored fillings.
Cakes with nuts, dried fruits and cheesecakes or filings with special cream can raise the cost of a slice of a wedding cake by $1 or even more. This also applies to cream filled wedding cakes and the cost of a slice is also increased.

Number of Servings

Based on this information we can calculate the cost of cakes on the slice charge. Wedding Cake Prices By Tier

Most cakes are sold according to the number of slices that will be used to serve people:
14 slices can be obtained from a 6 -inch tier (cost from $21 to $216)
26 slices can be obtained from a 8-inch tier (cost from $39 to $312)
40 slices can be obtained from a 10-inch tier (cost from $60 to $480)
56 slices can be obtained from a 12-inch tier (cost from $84 to $672)
78 slices can be obtained from a 14-inch tier (cost from $117 to $936)
100 slices can be obtained from a 16-inch tier (cost from $150 to $1,200)
This suggests that the gross total of a wedding cake is in the range of $471 all the way to $3,768 and the average cake price is $1,570. All this depends on your preference though.