For soon-to-be-married couples, planning a wedding can be an overwhelming endeavor. There are so many details to think of, from the entourage down to the reception.

And for most couples, the wedding photography aspect is one of the most important parts of the wedding to consider.

Aside from the budget, the couple has to talk about the kind of wedding photography they want for their big day.

What Couples Need To Consider In Wedding Photography

Wedding photography album1. If you want prenup photos included in the package

Some couples, if they can afford it, would spring for a wedding photography package that covers the big day and a prenup photo shoot.

A prenup photo shoot is a great idea because couples can use those photos in their wedding invitations, wedding website, Facebook page, and the like.

Also, it’s another chance for them to be “intimate” with each other, without the so-called intrusion of the guests and the entourage.

2. How much exposure you want for your guests

Usually, after the wedding ceremony or proper and before the reception, the bride and groom will take some time off with the wedding photographer to take some post-ceremony photos.

And usually, the entourage and some of the guests are encouraged to join in on the fun.

However, if the couple prefers to be the star in their own photos, then they have to discuss how many shots they want of their entourage and guests — especially if they’re operating on a limited budget.

Determining how many shots — and more importantly, WHAT KIND of photos — they want of their entourage will help the photographer and streamline the post-wedding photo op.

3. What kinds of photos you DON’T WANT to be taken

If a couple has listed down photos that they consider must-takes (e.g. wedding preps, after the ceremony, during the reception, the best man’s toast, etc.), then they must also list down photos that are absolutely no-nos for them! This will be definitely helpful to the photographer, and will also help prevent future frustrations to the bride and groom.

For example, if the bride doesn’t want wide-angle close-ups because she thinks those shots make her look fat, then she should communicate that to the wedding photographer.

Another alternative is for the couple to send pictures of themselves that they like to the photographer, so that he or she will have an idea of their style and angle preferences.

4. The time of day for the wedding and the prenup shootGolden Hour Wedding

Most wedding photographers prefer taking pictures using natural light — and with Instagram and Facebook photos dominating social media, practically everybody knows that natural light is better when taking photos.

If couples want to get the best photos possible, then they should discuss with their chosen wedding photographer which time of the day is best for their post-wedding photo op and prenup shoot.

Remember, there are certain times of the day when the sunlight is simply flattering (golden hour) and thus helps in producing beautiful photos, and there are also times (like noon) when the natural light is just too harsh and won’t be photogenic at all.

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