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Wedding Invitation types

When planning the big day, there is one task that you absolutely must get done early. Well in advance of the big day. I am speaking, of course, of wedding invitations.
Those lovely pieces of stationery that extend the offer of being invited to share in your special day to your guests. You need to plan and give time for the printers to print and send to you. This is often time to gather the guest lists’ addressees, to pack the envelopes and time for the mail to get to them, not to mention the time (sometimes forever or never) to RSVP.

wedding invitation types are varied and can be as simple or spectacular as you like. Selecting the right type of invitation for your wedding is no simple choice. In fact, it can be an overwhelming task. There is so much choice available that you don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with the categories most wedding invitation types will fall under.

Just What Kinds Are Available?

  • Engraved Wedding Initiation
  • Thermo-Graphed Wedding Invitation
  • Off-Set Printed Wedding Invitation
  • Handwritten Wedding Initiation
  • Contemporary Wedding Invitation
  • 3D (coming soon!)

You might be even more confused than before, right?
Don’t worry, let’s break down what each of these wedding invitation types are.

Engraved Wedding Invitation

Engraving is a form of printing typically used for very formal wedding invitation. The wording of your invitation is carved on to a copper plate, which is then inked and printed on to your paper. This type of printing leaves raised letters which has a very elegant effect. They are also quite expensive but are the most formal and elegant of wedding invitations types.

Engraved wedding invitation logo Engraved wedding invitation Engraved wedding invitation hand written engraved-wedding-invitation

Thermo-Graphed Wedding Invitation

If engraved wedding invitation is out of your budget range, then Thermo-Graphed Wedding invitation is the next best option. These invitations have a similar tactile effect as engraving but at a reduced cost. This is achieved by mixing ink with small particles which when pressed to paper give it the same raised look as an engraving.

Thermo Graphed Wedding Invitation classic Thermo Graphed Wedding Invitation golden Thermo Graphed Wedding Invitation hand write style Thermo Graphed Wedding Invitation

Off-Set Printed Wedding Invitation

This is a more economical and affordable alternative to engraved invitations. This is a printing method most commonly used for business needs.
This type of invitation is nice and affordable, but does not necessarily have the most graceful appearance.

Off Set Printed Wedding Invitation ping classic Off Set Printed Wedding Invitation standard casual Off Set Printed Wedding Invitation purple lace

Handwritten Wedding Initiation

These are exactly what you’d expect – written by an expert writer’s hand on simple white paper. Perhaps not appropriate for the more formal kind of weddings. They are however very well suited for small or informal wedding parties. They will certainly leave a mark on your guests’ memory.

Handwritten Wedding Initiation artistic Handwritten Wedding Initiation classic art Handwritten Wedding Initiation names Unique Handwritten Wedding Initiation

Contemporary Wedding invitation

Traditionally, wedding invitation is written or printed on white or ivory paper. This is a timeless, subtle and graceful look. It is a tradition for a good reason!

However, more contemporary and modern invitations are increasingly printed on different colored paper. Designs like flowers, pictures of the couple or of art are typically included.

The plus side is, contemporary wedding invitation can be made any way you please. And so, you can personalize and customize them, and to an amazing degree which allows you to choose exactly what you want at a good price. The downside is that they are not appropriate for very formal weddings.

Contemporary wedding invitation artistic cartoon cuteContemporary wedding invitation black bow bowtie Contemporary wedding invitation blue flower Contemporary wedding invitation trend inforgraphic stylish


Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand the different wedding invitation types available. There is a wide range and variety. You can imagine them grouped into these 6 categories.

This helps narrow down your search to a much more manageable number of options, allowing you to pick the best wedding invitation for your special day.