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Customizing wedding invitations has become a popular trend. This practice indicates a shift from the conventional wedding cultures by placing greater emphasis on personal style and expression. Typically, most couples are trying to avoid the generic experiences that they have seen in most wedding ceremonies.

This article highlights some of the unique ways that you can personalize your wedding invitation.


Wedding embellishemnt decoration paper beautiful

Virtually all wedding invitations consist of some form of decoration. Satin ribbons are a popular choice for decoration because they are easy to match with the wedding colors.

When selecting a particular embellishment, you want to pick something that makes a subtle statement. This way, your guests will not be distracted from the actual invitation.

You could opt for embellishments, which complement the theme of your invitation. If you have incorporated flower prints, a flower charm or a small artificial bouquet would be ideal embellishment choices.

With formal invitations, you should stick to simple embellishments. For instance, you can add some clear rhinestones on the invitation or the envelope. They make the invitations stand out without deviating from the beauty of classic wedding invitations.

Once you have decided on the type of embellishment, ensure that you order an adequate number. The same way you would order additional envelopes, plan ahead when purchasing embellishments.


Wedding invitation color types beautiful creative

Besides embellishments, you also need to consider the color of your wedding invitations. The color should complement your wedding style. If you prefer a formal wedding style, you will have only a few colors to choose from such as cream, white, ivory or similar shades. However, you can add more color to the embellishments. Conversely, the less formal weddings give brides the chance to choose from a vast range of colors. In addition to style, you should look for color themes that may already exist through your wedding plans. If the bridal party’s outfit comprise of red and white colors, then you may add these colors to your invitations.

If your wedding does not already have an exact theme color, consider the current season. Usually, there is a particular color that goes along with each season. During fall, the standard colors include brown, orange, deep red and yellow. During winter, standard colors are blue and white; spring is for pastel colors. The bright primary colors are more common during summer.

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Wording and Text

Wedding invitation wording and text unique beautiful sample clean

Your wedding invitation serves as the first impression that your guests will have of your big ceremony. After deciding on color and embellishment, you also need to fill the invites with the right wording. A wedding invitation should include the following essential details:

  • The host – the first few lines should highlight the names of those issuing the invitation
  • The request line – this section is meant to invite the guests to the wedding event
  • Bride and groom names
  • Time and date of the wedding event
  • Venue of the ceremony – if possible you should list the address of your wedding’s location.
  • Reception – indicate the venue of the wedding reception
  • RSVP – when you prompt responses from your guests, ensure there is enough room for their replies

You can also include other details, which are relevant to the ceremony. For instance, if your wedding venue is a remote area, you might have to include directions towards the place. Moreover, if you want your guests to have a specific dress code, be sure to incorporate it in the invitation.

Legibility is a key aspect to consider when wording your invitation. You need not use light ink if the background also has a faint or light color. Similarly, avoid using a dark ink on a dark background. If you opt for a colored paper, the ideal ink color to use is black.


Wedding paper type textures beautiful flowers unique

The paper that you use to print your wedding invitation also serves as a channel for customization. For instance, if you intend to have your wedding at the beach, you can choose printing paper with grit-like texture. Garden wedding themes can also be expressed using flower-shaped invitation cards.

However, remember that the type of paper you choose will affect your event costs significantly.

Conclusion – Wedding Invitation

Some of the best ways to customize your wedding invitations entail selecting the right combination of embellishments, colors, and wording.

You can create unique wedding invitations by using these elements appropriately.