Winter Wedding Colors 2017

Winter wedding colors 2017 are a stunning array of lace, flowers, deep tones and beautiful scenery. Choosing to have your wedding in the winter opens up a lot of rich tones for a color palette. People tend to choose deep hues of red, purple and other berry tones, couples with brown, nudes and different grey hues.

winter wedding colors 2017Here are some of the top seasonal color combinations for winter weddings:

1. Red & Black

A red and black color theme for a wedding can be very classic and elegant. The key is to make sure not to overdue either of the colors since they are so bold. Red and black accents throughout, like on the cake or floral arrangements, can add a great pop of color to a winter wedding. If the wedding is partially outdoors the winter setting can appear barren, so bringing color into the environment can accentuate your wedding theme.

Winter Wedding Colors 2017 cute beautiful dress dress gift invitation red black Winter Wedding Colors 2017 cute beautiful glass cake dress bouquet flowers red black Winter Wedding Colors 2017 red black cute beautiful cake dress bouquet flowers

2. Green & White

A beautiful emerald tone can bring out the natural aspects of a winter wedding colors 2017. The deep color mixed with the brightness of white is a stunning combination in the winter months. This color theme is less abrasive and can be incorporated throughout the venue without looking overdone. This also combines well with natural wedding decorations, like wooden centerpieces and other rustic elements that you can have.

Winter Wedding Colors 2017 Green White decoration invitation shoes dress bouquet Winter Wedding Colors 2017 Green White dress bouquet cake decorations shoes suit

3. Blue & Grey

The blue and grey combination leaves you with a lot of options. You can choose to do a deep blue and a light grey, or opt for a soft light blue and a darker grey for contrast. You could incorporate gorgeous silver tones throughout the decorations as well. This is an especially great combination for a winter wedding near the ocean because it will enhance the water element.

Winter Wedding Colors 2017 Blue Gray cake dress suit flowers decoration Winter Wedding Colors 2017 Blue Gray cake shoes bouquet dress flowers Winter Wedding Colors 2017 Blue Gray flower suit cake dress decoration

4. Pink & Nude

Soft pink and browns have been a popular wedding combination over the years. This color theme can also work in other seasons like fall, but looks particularly lovely in the winter. The light pink brings warmth to the wedding decorations, while the browns bring out the rustic outdoor vibe. You can also incorporate furs, or faux furs, throughout for an even cozier winter wedding theme.

Winter Wedding Colors 2017 pink nude cake dress bouquet table decoratipon Winter Wedding Colors 2017 pink nude cake dress flowers decoration shoes bouquet

5. Purple & White

The purple and white theme offers a deep contrast and rich hue to complement the winter season. This is a classically popular winter theme and can come together to create a truly gorgeous wedding. You can even pair dark purple with both gold or silver, and have a lot of options on how to incorporate it in the venue. The contrast of white or ivory means that you can use a lot of purple without it taking over.

Winter Wedding Colors 2017 decoration dress flowers cake bouquet purple white Winter Wedding Colors 2017 chair cake dress decoration flowers bouquet purple white

Choosing a color theme for your wedding can take a lot of thought, but these options are a great place to start if you are looking to vamp up your winter wedding colors 2017. Depending on the venue and the weather, one of these themes will definitely suit your tastes. While snow is always a possibility at a winter wedding, with these colors it will only further enhance the beauty of your wedding!