Howdy Cowboy! Cowboy Wedding Attire

Do you plan to have a country wedding on a barn?
What better way to do so than to have your groomsmen dress up in cowboy wedding attire! County weddings are absolutely beautiful, especially if you plan to go all out and make everything country styled. If you want to get the true country look, you can do this by incorporating the history, trends, and styles of the past and present into your special day.

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Mimic History

Cowboy attire in the western days were quite unique and have left an imprint throughout the years. One of the most unique western periods was in the 1800’s. In this era, blue jeans were what was wore by most cowboys. Sure, movies have them wearing chaps and vests, but not all of this has to be incorporated in your big day.

They were also known to wear buttoned up shirts of many colors with a bolo tie. Honestly, this is quite a classy look, even for this century. To top it all off, the cowboy boots and 10-gallon hat. You can’t have a cowboy wedding without the pointed cowboy boots and hat. Granted today, you can’t really find an attractive looking 10-gallon hat, so you may have to settle for the ones that are more common today as this is most important thing.

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Back in the day:
buttoned up plain shirts with a bolo tie, pointed cowboy boots, and hat were essential for the cowboy.

A lot of people are considering plaid shirts and any type of boot as “western”.  Also worth mentioning is the leather set as seen in below image or white vest.
If this is the look you’re going for, it’s definitely the more modern choice and it’s used very often. Especially the cowboy grooms of 2017.

Cowboy Wedding Attire full black groom set Cowboy Wedding Attire group photo jeans brown shirt Cowboy Wedding Attire white hat jeans group photo


In order to have a complete set  you need to think about:

  • Hat (expensive)
  • Shirt
  • Bolo tie
  • Belt buckle
  • Jeans
  • Boots (most expensive)

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The price is the main concern for most people. Honestly, the most expensive item on the list is the boots. A good pair of western boots can cost you anywhere from a mere $100 all the way to over $500. This means that they’re real leather, studded, or have some kind of animal skin on them, such as alligator or snake.

Cowboy Wedding Attire boot styles and looks leather


For a shirt, you can pay from $10-$100, depending on the brand and style.


Bolo ties are quite inexpensive. You can find these online for just a few bucks, along with a belt buckle that’s western related.


Lastly, the hat and jeans. Blue jeans can run you from $20 up to $50 or a little more depending on the brand. The hat, this one can cost you as well. Hats that are real leather or made with certain materials can cost a few hundred dollars, or you can buy them at your local retail store for $20-$30 as this price is always affordable to most of the people who are much interested.


Cowboy wedding attire isn’t cheap, well, most of it anyway. If you can fit it in your budget and if it’s something you really want, go for it. It’s very classy, old school, and you really can’t go wrong with it. Just don’t try to dress like people from the movies. Chaps and a handgun really aren’t essential for a wedding, unless that’s what you’re really trying to go for as this is the most important to a number of people. As already mentioned, be sure to also check tips to rent a barn for a wedding

But before we conclude…

Don’t worry girls, there is also a female part for Cowboy wedding attire!

Cowboy Wedding Attire female boots sexy indoors

Cowboy Wedding Attire female plaid shirt wedding