That is Why you Should Rent a Barn for a Wedding!

Barn weddings have the ability to be absolutely stunning, they can also be rather pricey if you don’t play your cards right. Weddings, in general, are expensive, usually upwards of 25k unless you know how to get yourself great deals. The first thing to do is get the best deal possible when you rent a barn for a wedding. Saving money on this will give you more funds for food, decorations, music, and more.

Why Choose A Barn

Why should you choose to rent a barn for a wedding? When people think of barns, they think cows, pigs, hay, and terrible smells. Fortunately, not all barns are meant for this. A lot of barns found in the cities are built specifically for weddings and parties. Believe it or not, barns make one of the best types of venues for a variety of reasons.


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You Can Make It What You Want

Barns aren’t known for being decorated or having wallpaper on the walls.

They are a blank canvas that you can use.

When you rent a barn for a wedding, you don’t have to worry about your color scheme clashing with wallpaper. The high ceilings allow you to hang any decoration you want and space gives you endless possibilities. You can make them sparkle, keep it vintage, add some flare, whatever your heart desires.

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Not a lot of hotels or country clubs are big enough to fit large wedding attendees. When looking to rent a barn for a wedding, think about the space you need.

Large barns have the ability to hold hundreds of people with room enough for a dance floor.
Best part, you won’t have to build or rent a dance floor.

You can put tables and chairs wherever you want, people have room to breathe, and they won’t find themselves bumping into other people. If you’re having just a small wedding with a few people, consider a smaller barn, but still with enough space.

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Photo Ops!

When choosing to rent a barn for a wedding, it’s best to think of photos you want to take. Traveling out of the city to a barn in the country gives you so much more space for pictures, plus beautiful, natural backdrops. You can have your picture taken in different places such as:

  • Cornfields
  • Sunflower patches
  • Mountainsides
  • In an open field
  • In a field of flowers
  • By some cows
  • Next to a tractor
  • In a hay loft

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What To Expect To Pay

Unless you know someone who has a barn, you’re still going to have to pay to rent a barn venue out, plus you need to pay for the bathroom, food, decorations, and more.

Unfortunately, the price to rent a barn for a wedding can vary anywhere from $4k-30K just to walk in the door. This is all thanks to estate fees. You can’t just walk onto the property and take over somebody’s barn.


If you want to rent a barn for a wedding, you have to plan it accordingly.

Not all barns have electricity, toilets, or other essentials needed to keep guests happy.

It’s important to budget properly to ensure you can afford this type of venue. They may seem like a beautiful place to get married, but the prices are actually quite high unless you can rent one from a friend or family member for cheap or no cost at all.

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