Wedding Colors 2017

When you start planning a wedding, it can be more than overwhelming. Where do you start?

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Wedding Colors 2017 purple levanda pink flowers bouquet

How do you make everything come together so that you have an overall beautiful wedding party and reception? One of the easiest ways to create a cohesive look for your wedding is by choosing either a theme for your wedding, or even simply a set of wedding colors.
If you decide on a theme, the theme will then inform your wedding colors. For example, if your wedding theme is “Old Hollywood” your wedding colors will likely be black and white with red as an accent color.

Wedding colors, or theme, should be one of the first things you decide upon, as it will affect most of the rest of your planning. Once the color or theme is decided, you will be able to apply it to your dress, you wedding party, the bouquet, table settings, and so forth. Make your decision early, and stick to it.

Wedding Colors 2017 red dress white bouquet

But how do you decide what your wedding colors should be?

There are quite a few things that you should take into consideration when making this decision.

First, your wedding colors should be colors that you like.

No one wants to look at pictures from their wedding and see a bunch of flowers and tablecloths in colors that they cannot stand. If you do not have a specific favorite color, or have one that is hard to find, sticking to classic, simple black and white is always an option.

The second main thing to think about when figuring out your wedding colors is the season in which you want to get married. You may absolutely love a nice ice blue color, but also have your heart set on a June wedding. Besides being a winter color and therefore out of place in the middle of summer, ice blue flowers and other accents may be hard to find at that time of year.

Hint: If you just know that you want lilies in your bouquet then you will want to plan a wedding for a season when lilies are readily available, and from there choose your wedding colors.

Wedding Colors 2017 ice blue white dress flowers bouquet

Third major issue when choosing a wedding color or theme is how it will make you, and your wedding party, look. You may have your heart set on bright orange and lime green but your bridesmaids will probably not appreciate being made to wear those colors.
If you must have colors that might not be flattering to wear, consider them as accents and have your main colors be a more neutral white, black, etc.


You will need to consider your budget. If you have a fairly low budget then you will want to choose a color that is easy to find and will not need to be special ordered. Certain things, especially certain flowers and centerpieces, will cost more, especially if you want them in a color that is a more unusual or harder to find color.

If you have a higher budget then it will not be as much of an issue. That being said, cost should probably be one of the last things to consider when deciding on your wedding colors.

Wedding Colors 2017 gray yellow table decoration


Once you have decided on what your theme or wedding colors will be, you have to figure out how you are going to incorporate the colors in your wedding party and reception.

Keep in mind that colors come in variations, not everything has to be the same blue, red, green, or even white, and too much of the same thing can be overwhelming.
If your wedding theme is Old Hollywood, with the colors black, white, and red. You can mix in beige and champagnes along with the whites, and reds ranging from light almost pinks to deep crimsons.


Color can be incorporated through tablecloths, centerpieces, the bouquet, even as sashes or flourishes on your dress. Remember, make sure the colors work together but do not overwhelm the senses; a lime green tablecloth with a bright pink centerpiece and orange plates is not going to be attractive. Try to keep the combinations simple, using small flourishes of your accent colors to give everything an understated and elegant look.

Wedding Colors 2017 gray white green flowers dress


Deciding on color is one of the most important parts of planning your wedding; everything else will revolve around this decision to some extent, and it is important for the colors to be cohesive.

Choosing your colors can be time consuming and even stressful. Remember, pick a color or theme you like taking into consideration the season, how it will look on you and your party, and the prospective cost of designing your ceremony and reception with your chosen colors.

Keep these tips in mind to help as you get to work planning the most important day of your life!