Sorry for the long (too long) pause! The positive thing  was that I attended 2 weddings! 🙂

If I would pick one topic that was most discussed… that would be wedding decoration packages.

To be exact: Why are wedding decoration packages such a great idea?

Wedding decoration packages are a perfect way to make your event easier. Venue styling is important at any wedding event. It showcases the tone of your wedding and shows the guests what you dreamed of when planning for the very important day; your wedding day!

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It’s the place where your guests will be for length of the day and where many of your photos will be taken so you want to make sure the wedding decorations are in good hands.

I highly suggest relying on a wedding decoration package created by an expert. Many people like to create their own decorations or buy items piece by piece but that is extremely time consuming and can end up costing more than if you had decided to use a wedding decoration package. They can be designed to fit your specific theme or dreams of what the special day will look like and most companies will set up the decorations and take them down either same day or next day for easy clean up.

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This gives you the opportunity to clear up time so you can concentrate on enjoying your day with your family, friends and guests as well as your bride or your groom.

How do wedding decoration packages work?

  • You get to choose which design you would like and inform the company how many guests you anticipate on attending.
  • Based on the information you provide and the venue they can make helpful suggestions that will make your day perfect!
  • Once you decide on a style of decorations you let them know when they need to set up and when they need to take it all down.

That’s it! It’s so simple and convenience and that is why so many brides and grooms take advantage of wedding decoration packages. If you are still deciding on your color, be sure to check our themes for 2017!

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What styles and types of wedding decoration packages exist out there?

  • Service Package: these packages include pew sashes with accessories, 2 altar arrangements, aisle runners or petals, and a unity table linen.
  • Reception Placings: This is usually stressed as the most important part of the wedding decoration package because the majority of the ceremony will be spent at the reception after the wedding. The reception placings include table favors, name cards and table numbers, placement of cameras and other decorative personal items, toasting glasses, centerpieces, pictures, mementos and everything you can image for the reception.
  • Reception Tear Downs: This will be one of your favorite parts of the wedding decoration package because it means you don’t have to stress about WHO is going to clean up after your big day! This package includes removing and packaging centerpieces, gathering together any extra favors, left over cake, personal items, and a general scan of the room for any items left behind.

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When should you purchase your wedding decoration packages?

It is suggested that you purchase your package as soon as you have decided on your theme so that you can focus on other parts of your wedding not covered by a wedding decoration package. As soon as you are aware of the general number of guests, what theme you would like and the venue it’s time to make your decision.

Be sure to check you local companies providing the packages. Me personally haven’t met a couple that was disappointed the next morning after the wedding day. It is supposed to be your day to enjoy, not to worry how will you prepare or  clean up after the mess. You will be surprised what expect come up with.

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