There are few ways to think about the wedding invitation prices. If you have budget you can start with selecting the type you really like. We already wrote which types are available in the past, so be sure to check it out first.

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Finding the right wedding invitations designs can be a challenge, but luckily for you we are here to help. This article is here to help you find the perfect invitations for your wedding to bring everyone together and celebrate. We have carefully researched a huge range of wedding invitations prices and designs to advise you on the perfect fit.

The perfect invitation checklist

• Theme
• Numbers
• Budget
• Design
• Sample

Fitting The Theme

If you’re wedding is themed then the best invitation design should fit the theme of your wedding.

For example, winter weddings could have an invitation with snowflakes and a white and blue color scheme. This lets guests know what the theme of the wedding is so that they can dress accordingly. Finding themed wedding invitations also helps you to find an average wedding invitations price for your theme for better budgeting.

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Think About Numbers

If your wedding party is going to be more of an intimate gathering, more personalized invitations are much more suitable. If you’re having a large number of guests you can go for a mass printed invitation design to save costs. Larger wedding parties should have an RSVP option so that you can properly plan numbers for the venue. Larger parties will require more invitations so you should factor in a higher wedding invitations price to your budget. We would say that this is the large portion of the wedding invitation prices.

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What’s Your Budget?

Wedding invitations prices can be high if you don’t plan properly. Buying a full set can be pricey, but there are options that can keep your wedding invitation prices lower. If your wedding has a vintage theme, old postcards can be an excellent option for a personalized wedding invitation. For a bigger budget, you can personalize and emboss invitations for a beautiful and elegant design for a classic wedding.


Designing your perfect wedding invitation is a very personal task, especially as wedding invitations prices can be high. The design should be something that both you, and the groom to be, are totally happy with. Themed weddings are easier to design invitations for, but if you don’t have a theme these tips are for you. Try to avoid a photo invitation, as these are much more appropriate for engagement announcements and save-the-date cards. Also try to avoid very bright colors, as it can make the invitation appear birthday themed than a wedding. Simple, light and neutral colors and designs are the best for weddings, as they are much more elegant. However, bright colors can be used if they are incorporated into the wedding decorations and design elements.

Sample, Sample, Sample!

Always receive a sample your invitations before you buy a bulk order to make sure it is what you want. Wedding invitations prices can be high, so we recommend samples to make sure you don’t waste money. Samples also show you the physical invitation, rather than an online design, which can be vastly different. You can also sample a few different styles to help you make up your mind between a few different designs.

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