5 Time – And Sanity-Saving Tips For Busy Brides

Most brides would move heaven and earth just to make sure that their wedding is everything that they ever dreamed of. However, there’s no denying the fact that even if money were no object, wedding planning can still be very stressful. The countless wedding-themed shows on TV provide enough evidence that when brides-to-be start planning for their big day, life automatically gets crazy.

If you’re getting ready for your special day, you can be certain that you’ll be dealing with a lot of stress. Because it’s such an important event, a lot of people who are close to you and your groom will want to have a say on it. This is part of the whole dynamics that you just need to accept.

However, despite the various stress, you have to remember that there are countless ways you can deal with the common issues of wedding planning. To help you manage your wedding like an absolute pro even if you are quite a busy bride, here are five time- and sanity-saving tips.

1.     Establish your budget

Money is always a contributing factor to wedding stress, which is why it’s important to set a budget right away. This will provide a good direction for everything else that needs to be covered for the event. You can easily decide what to splurge on and where to take the frugal yet creative route for in order to stay within your budget.

2.     Get the professional help you need

Set aside a good percentage of your budget for the professional services of a wedding planner. You need somebody who has a firm grasp of all the requirements of a wedding as well as the common issues that arise during the planning process. This person will deal with your concerns in a very logical yet caring manner.

It’s always an advantage to hire a professional who is not personally and emotionally attached to the event and can serve as the voice of reason, particularly during problematic circumstances or destination weddings. If you’re planning a gorgeous wedding in the desert, wedding planners from Dubai are some of the best in the industry. They are well connected and can hook you up with the best wedding merchants in the country. You can save a lot of time gathering all the important services you need for your wedding.

3.     Have a “wedding planning talk” with the people who matter

The people who matter are your parents, favorite relatives, and closest friends. A wedding planning talk with all of them is crucial, especially if these people will be volunteering their time and resources to your wedding day.

You want to make sure that all of them understand their special role in your event – what they are should ideally be doing, and what their limitations are. In doing this, they may prove to be more helpful than you expect them to be. Also, you can avoid unnecessary misunderstandings during wedding planning, particularly in deciding whom to invite.

4.     Keep an open mind and be flexible with your options

This will help you stick to your budget and lower your stress levels. Spend time on Pinterest to see what creative solutions other brides are using to keep costs low. Get inspiration from their ideas. Do this when you’re riding home from work to keep yourself entertained or anytime you have a dull moment; it’s a smart use of your time. Plus, discovering these helpful pieces of information is always enjoyable.

5.     Keep wedding events simple and to a minimum

Stick to the basics if you really want to save time, energy and your sanity. You don’t want to be too tired to actually enjoy your big day.

If you belong to different circles of friends, there’s no need to have different wedding showers, even if they volunteer to throw them for you. Ask if they can work things out together so you won’t have too many pre-wedding events to go to. You could also politely decline and explain that you need to be chill for your wedding day, which means you need time for yourself to rest and get pampered.

A wedding day is undoubtedly a major event, but it’s usually just five to seven hours long, so make sure that you get only the truly important things done in that relatively short period of time. Hassle-free wedding planning, according to  successful event planners, is all about putting everything in the proper perspective. Don’t stress over it any more than is necessary.



Dora Helmeczi

From 2008, with the creation of Budapest Wedding, Dora has successfully organized hundreds of destination weddings in Hungary. The agency is now one of the biggest in the Hungarian market and is considered the country’s only high-end wedding planning office. Dora’s partner Gabriel Gilbert came on board in 2015, and working intently to extend their offices, in 2016 they launched Dubai Wedding — their bid to become a globally recognized name in planning outstanding weddings.